Acacia Energy

Acacia Energy provide energy security, optimise the cost of powering your operations, in addition to creating new revenue streams from the National Energy Market (NEM) for farmers and manage them on their behalf. Acacia Energy’s services enable optimisation across grid energy, solar energy, on-site generation and storage that takes into account wholesale market price, FCAS services revenue and network demand charges. By integrating your onsite assets, such as controllable load, solar generation and battery storage with our OBE platform.

AgriFutures Australia

At AgriFutures Australia our vision is to grow the long-term prosperity of Australian rural industries and communities.

We do this through the delivery of research, development and extension programs for our established and emerging industries. We also deliver programs that address the key challenges and important issues currently facing, and on the horizon for Australian agriculture including evokeAG., growAG. and the Rural Women’s Award.

We proudly live and work in the regions and represent the interests and aspirations of primary producers and rural communities. We place people at the centre of everything we do. We listen, connect and collaborate domestically and globally with emerging leaders in agriculture, industry bodies, other Research Development Corporations (RDCs) and government.

Atlas Renewables

Founded in 2016, Atlas Renewable’s core business is the provision of specialised engineering services in the renewable energy sector and the aggregation of energy generating and energy saving services. Our holistic approach ensures an optimised solution that delivers maximum benefits to our clients.

Atlas Renewables has an in-house team of specialised renewable energy engineers and industry experts, making us ideally placed to add value to our broad client base and ensures our clients have unprecedented visibility into new developments in the renewable energy space.


You can Depend on Davey.

Davey Water Products is an 88-year-old company based in Melbourne, Victoria. We are an innovative manufacturer of water pumps, irrigation and firefighting pumps, rainwater harvesting, pool system and water treatment products. Now, more than ever, Australians can depend on an innovative Australian company, manufacturing Australian designed products right here in Australia.

Good design, reliable engineering and high-quality manufacturing are core capabilities for Davey. We continue to invest in our R&D, engineering and product development teams as well as key partnerships with leading research universities as we focus on our exciting new product development pipeline. Our innovation is focused on ease-of-use, energy efficiency, re-use and whole of life solutions. That’s why you can Depend on Davey now and into the future.

Eneraque Renewables

With over 40 years of experience in bioenergy solutions, Eneraque Renewables is committed to supporting farms and producers in harnessing the potential of renewable gas.

By converting waste into a profitable resource, we’re not just managing waste – we’re maximising opportunities for your business and the environment.

We specialise in providing comprehensive EPCM services for biogas plants and equipment tailored specifically for farms and producers in Australasia. Our expertise in waste-to-energy technology includes anaerobic digestion equipment, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, biogas storage solutions, flaring and scrubbing equipment, biomethane-to-grid injection technology and digestate management.

EnergyLink Services

With over 35 years combined experience, EnergyLink Services is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm and project developer, with specialist experience working with agribusiness to assess opportunities in renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions reduction initiatives. We are experienced in assisting agribusiness with becoming more resilient in a decarbonising globe and unlocking opportunities in carbon markets.

Evo Energy

Evo Energy Technologies is an Australian company dedicated to saving our customers energy. Our mission is to reduce our clients energy costs by providing superior technology for improved energy efficiency. We specialise in the highest quality European equipment including 2G biogas cogeneration, ETW biomethane plants, biogas treatment and delivery equipment and Sattler biogas storage systems. We offer a full range of service from supply only to full turn key installations with on-going maintenance and support available from factory trained staff.

Farmers for Climate Action

Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of farmers, agricultural leaders and rural Australians working to ensure farmers are a key part of the solution to climate change.

The only farmer-led organisation that specialises in climate action, we support farmers to build climate and energy literacy and advocate for climate solutions both on and off farm.  We are independent, non-proft and non-partisan.

Finn Biogas

Finn Biogas are leading experts in the consultation, design, construction and delivery of Biogas Plants fit for the Australian landscape. Our purpose is to provide a better way to dispose of organic waste, a cleaner future and a contribution to the economy.

Our friendly team of experts are available to answer all of your questions about how a Biogas plant may benefit your farm.

We can assist you with:

+ Odour and compliance management

+ Recovery of nutrient rich fertiliser product

+ Recovery and re-use of water onsite

+ Reduce contaminated discharge to the land

+ Maintain energy Independence

GasFields Commission Queensland

GasFields Commission Queensland is an independent statutory body who facilitates trustworthy relationships and respectful communication between Queensland’s onshore gas, agriculture, business and government sectors. The Commission’s vision is to be the trusted leader and facilitator of sustainable coexistence between landholders, regional communities and the onshore gas industry. The Commission supports best-practice business-to-business relationships across Queensland’s gas fields and provides the tools for informed decision-making for all stakeholders. The remit of the Commission is expanding to include the renewables sector, critical minerals exploration and other emerging energy organisations, and will soon be renamed as “Coexistence Queensland” to manage and improve coexistence outcomes for all resource and renewable activities.

Green Energy Group

Green Energy Group brings together five companies – Green Energy Trading, Green Energy Markets, National Carbon Bank of Australia, Green Energy & Carbon Management and ACX Argyle/Green Energy Exchange – to serve many, in different ways, with one purpose: To build the climate leaders we need to accelerate Australia beyond net zero.

Eliminate market barriers for electrification and energy efficiency with our reliable cash incentives. Take control of energy management in your business.  Make data-driven decisions with our clean energy market analysis. Access flexible and transparent GreenPower and carbon offsets. Demonstrate your commitment to decarbonisation with our scope of services and depth of expertise.

Ground Source Systems

Ground Source Systems was started in late 2012 after the need to reduce the use of LPG was found whilst visiting a poultry broiler farm. In partnership with the Universities of Melbourne & Berkley, funding was obtained from the ARC to carry out a trial. This trail resulted in one shed being fitted with the ground source heat pump equipment and a second being the control for compairing results. Since November 2019 the system has been operating with each progressive batch providing insight into improving operation with results of a reduction of gas usage of between 75 and 88%.


Grundfos is a global leader in water technology, serving over 80 countries. In Australia, Grundfos has been providing customised pumping solutions to the agriculture sector since 1980, backed by unmatched application expertise and a comprehensive range of products. With offices located nationwide, the company is well-positioned to offer Australian farmers technical support, reliable products, and dealer assistance. By continuously researching and developing its products, Grundfos is committed to improving their efficiency, performance, and sustainability, enabling farmers to achieve more while lowering costs. The company’s renewable energy systems provide low-maintenance water supply solutions for remote and off-grid agricultural applications.

Impacts Renewable Energy

Impacts Renewable Energy has concentrated solar thermal (CST) technology to produce process heat up to 400°C, 40 Bar. The resultant heat can be stored to moderate agricultural production requirements, including 24/7 operations. Heat exchangers deliver hot air, hot water and steam.

Our CST energy:

  • reduces usage and cost of fossil fuels – diesel, gas, coal
  • is highly efficient (80%)
  • is emissions free
  • can energise Cogen and Trigen facilities.

This technology was designed in Australia. IRE holds international patents covering half of the world’s population. It is manufactured in Australia from readily available materials. At EOL, is fully recyclable.

Juice Energy

Juice Energy stands out as a forward-thinking provider of renewable energy solutions agricultural businesses. Together with our partners, we assist Australians in transitioning from the grid and following a Net Zero journey towards a Net Zero future, promoting a cleaner and greener energy landscape. We specialise in designing, developing, financing, and managing renewable energy and storage assets.

Our mission to ‘flip the grid’ shifts power from traditional coal-based and diesel energy to empower individuals with sustainable, innovative solutions, fostering knowledge, independence, and a sense of community for a better life.


Powerlink Queensland is a Government Owned Corporation that owns, develops, operates and maintains the transmission network. We connect Queenslanders to a world-class energy future, providing electricity to more than five million Queenslanders and 253,000 businesses.  We are also responsible for connecting renewable energy developments and providing electricity to large industrial customers.

Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF)

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is the united voice of agriculture in Queensland representing the collective interests of its peak industry members and the 13,000 primary producers they represent.

QFF has recently launched two new services to support framers and landholders navigate the energy needs of their operations:

  • The Energy Information Service for Landholders is a free phone service providing information and guidance on a range of energy matters.
  • The Queensland Ag Energy Hub is a website provides a central location for farmers across Queensland to find out more about energy, including case studies from farms that have successfully implemented savings initiatives.

Queensland Renewable Energy Council

QREC is a not-for-profit industry body that represents solar, wind, pumped hydro, electricity transmission, battery storage and hydrogen proponents, operators and their suppliers in Queensland.  QREC aims to be a leader in policy development and ensuring best practices and successful coexistence with communities.  QREC works with industry, communities and all levels of government in the delivery of a thriving new energy sector for Queensland.

Seed 2 Diesel

Seed 2 Diesel is focused on getting Farmers’ fuel self-sufficient by providing a service that process the oilseeds that they grow into Biodiesel for use in their agricultural equipment.  We think the value proposition for Growers needs to be improved, buy valuing the oil in their harvest at the price they pay for fuel, whilst also selling the protein rich oilseed meal into the livestock sector.

Smart Commercial Solar

Smart Commercial Solar is the premier choice for Australian businesses, farms, and organisations seeking sophisticated renewable energy systems which produce substantial cost savings. Since 2012 we’ve delivered robust financial outcomes for customers as diverse as Proten, Bunnings and Frasers Property, while championing the role of energy independence in driving business growth. Led by renowned energy expert Huon Hoogesteger, Smart have a proud history of industry firsts, from establishing the nation’s most successful community-based PPA fund to developing the nation’s biggest behind-the-meter solar project in for McCain Foods.

Squadron Energy

Squadron Energy is Australia’s leading renewable energy company that develops, operates and owns renewable energy assets in Australia.

We have 1.1 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy in operation and an Australian development pipeline of 20GW.

With proven experience and expertise across the project lifecycle, we work with local communities and our customers to lead the transition to Australia’s clean energy future.

WiSA Global-GBA Pty Ltd

Transforming waste into valuable products while combating carbon emissions – a truly sustainable profit-making solution!

WiSA Global-GBA pioneers top-tier Pyrolysis technology, efficiently recycling diverse waste materials like tyres, oils, poultry waste, coffee grounds, palm fronds, green waste, and many others. Our user-friendly equipment ensures eco-friendly operations, yielding profitable outputs onsite or for resale, flipping costs into revenue. Portable across Australia and globally, requiring minimal shipping space, our scalable systems offer flexibility and cost-effective relocation, even operable from a truck bed!