Solar saves Taralgon farmer

A saving of $400,000 is a substantial reduction in cost for any business, but when it was achieved through embracing various energy efficiency measures, it pays to take notice.

Garnaut’s carbon call for farms

“Not dealing with it is the peril and dealing with it is opportunity,” he said.

National Renewables in Ag conference to be at Dubbo

A national conference at Dubbo is aiming to help farmers cut costs, emissions and boost their resilience on-farm.

The fourth chapter of the National Renewables in Agriculture Conference and Expo

Conference founder Karin Stark said this chapter will further explore the growing innovation opportunities in renewables for reducing energy costs on farms.

Twenty Australian women influencing the agricultural industry

Australian agriculture has a contingent of female leaders and influencers that would be the equal of any in the world.

Farmers want more govt renewables support

Farmers wanting to make the switch to renewables as an energy source are facing too many hurdles, a conference has been told.

Event Alert

As energy prices rise, farmers are gathering to share their stories about beating bill shock with renewable energy, including one farm where the irrigation bill is expected to drop from $100 000 per year to $15 000.

Farmers for Climate Action supports national Renewables in Agriculture conference

Farmers, agricultural and energy experts, peak organisations, and government representatives will gather at this year’s national Renewables in Agriculture conference to exchange stories about exciting new on-farm solar and wind projects.

Renewables lead a new era

To beat high energy costs, producers are embracing renewables, and it’s paying off.

Albury to host National Renewables in Agriculture Conference and Expo

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