John O’Connor

NSW Department of Primary Industries

John grew up working on a mixed farm at Cootamundra and has worked with NSW DPI Agriculture since 1991 across research extension and natural resource management. Most recently has spent 5 years on Energy related projects that focused on energy efficiency and practical ways to decarbonise agricultural production.

The Energy project developed:

  • an accredited energy audit training course through Tocal College
  • the Exploring Beyond fossil Diesel webinar series which covered alternative machinery options and different ways to power agriculture. This has led to an appreciation of the value of Renewable Diesel and other Biofuels as a workable pathway to decarbonise.
  • the innovative H2Cuts -‘hydrogen powered woolshed themed barber shop’ that has visited major field days and other events and demonstrates low carbon energy possibilities
  • the Energy Smart Farming Community of Practice with AgVic.